Joy Jamerson“One of my best professional experiences has been when I worked for Dave Westfall at American Home Video Corporation/Video Concepts and at RE/MAX Headquarter Companies. I worked for Dave as an intern, and then later as an analyst, supervisor and manager. The professional growth and maturity that I developed while working for Dave is what I like to call my own unique MBA program and it has served me well in my other professional and volunteer endeavors. He is one of the most intelligent and professionally creative individuals that I have had the pleasure of being associated with and he is always looking for new ways to problem-solve, think outside of the box, and handle business challenges. Dave’s natural ability to teach and to share his knowledge makes him one of my best mentors and I have yet to find anyone that measures up to his intellect, energy and enthusiasm. I am very grateful to be able to call Dave my long-time friend and my ongoing mentor.” June 10, 2009

Joy Jamerson, Inventory Manager, American Home Video Corporation
reported to Dave at VideoConcepts (American Home Video)

Tom Cryer“What can I tell you. I’ve known Dave Westfall for much of my career. Dave and I served on Committees together at Worldwide ERC, Dave employed me as an appraiser/consultant at Re/Max Relocation, Dave has assisted me with marketing ideas, networking strategies, and cutting edge marketing technology. I guess you could say, Dave has been the Swiss Army Knife carried throughout my career. Always there, always extremely useful, and generous beyond words. If I was building a team of leaders to start a new venture, Dave would have to be my first choice. He should be yours too!” May 30, 2009

Tom Cryer, Realtor, SCRP, Realtor Broker Associate, The Kentwood Company

Parker Automotive LogoDave Westfall has helped us significantly improve our website traffic, the look and feel of our new website and our new customer acquisition strategies and results.  We at Parker Automotive, greatly appreciate the business coaching and internet marketing consulting that Dave has provided to help us grow our business.  His help has been invaluable.  I am pleased to write this recommendation.  Dave has become a good friend and  professional mentor.  

Gary Hansen, Owner, Parker Automotive, Inc.
February 13, 2009

Marilyn Spittler“I am pleased to write this reference for David Westfall. As a past employee and current peer, I am well aware of Dave’s knowledge and performance in areas of business, finance and corporate relocation. Dave Westfall possesses a strong and effective balance of integrity, knowledge and strategic vision. He excels at building effective relationships with industry leaders, service providers and peers through his exemplary communication skills. On a personal level, Dave is a good friend and professional mentor; always available to share his wisdom, knowledge and expertise. He is loyal and his insights continue to be valuable to me in my career and personal life. He is a person of wit, intelligence and high standards. Dave will be a significant contributor and a strong asset to any company he joins. I’m sure that he will succeed at whatever endeavor he chooses to pursue.” September 14, 2008

Marilyn Spittler, Owner, Goodness Gracious! Productions

P K Allen Studios LogoI was very pleased with the help I received from Mr. Westfall. He was professional in his approach and knowledgeable regarding instructing me in ways to increase my sales. I highly recommend him to anyone needing help improving sales or finding leads. 

PK Allen, Artist and Sculptor  

Legacy Architecture Sudios Logo


Dave is my key advisor for selling the value of my business to clients.  The sales training and Unique Selling Proposition (USP) sessions helped me with my sales strategies.  He's also helped me significantly improve Legacy Architecture Studios internet presence and generate new leads. 

David N. Thermos, Architect 


Rocky Mountain Inventory LogoDave has helped Rocky Mountain Inventory with employment issues, understanding our Profit Model and significantly improved our Internet presence.  We highly recommend Dave Westfall and his DewPointe Ventures LLC small business coaching services to other growth oriented businesses.   

Brian Hungerford, Director of Operations

Cris Collie“Dave was a leader in the relocation industry, and often volunteered his many talents to serve the industry on committees and other leadership groups.” July 20, 2007

Cris Collie, Executive Vice President, Employee Relocation Council

Brian Baker“Dave is one of those unique individuals with the guts and determination to make things happen. Risk and opportunity are part of his daily routine, and as I've become more familiar with his current work at Text Brochure, I feel confident in recommending Dave as a visionary and true entrepreneur.”  September 24, 2006

Brian Baker, President, COO, Hopscotch Technology, Inc.

Chase Logo“Dave was a hands-on operations and financial executive who was instrumental in structuring complex transactions between RE/MAX International and the major financial institution that I represented. Dave's intimate knowledge of his business and understanding of strategic implications of partnerships was impressive. He was a pleasure to work with.”  July 21, 2007

Jim Panepinto, Owner, Pinnacle Professional Services Corp

Integrated Alliances Logo“I have been so impressed by Dave in our business dealings. He does a great job at helping usMike O'Neil with our events and (social media) training business and has lots of creative new ideas. I am happy to endorse Dave.”  August 18, 2007

Mike O'Neil, President, Integrated Alliances

RE/MAX Logo"David E. Westfall, SCRP, resigned on January 5, 2000 as Vice President of RE/MAX
International, Inc. (RE/MAX) and Executive Vice President and member of the Board of Directors for RE/MAX International Relocation Services, Inc. to pursue new personal and professional challenges and opportunities.
Starting in 1986 as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), he was promoted to Vice President of Finance. One year later he was promoted to Vice President-Administration & CFO. Westfall directed the development of new systems and procedures to manage rapid company growth.  Projects included the design of the RE/MAX Office Management System (ROMS).  As the Vice President of Conventions he produced several Special Events and conventions including the 1989 RE/MAX Balloon Festival. He received the RE/MAX of Colorado Distinguished Service Award in 1990.  In 1991 he earned the Employee Relocation Council’s (ERC) Certified Relocation Professional (CRP) designation.  In 1993, he developed the RE/MAX Miracle Home program for the Children’s Miracle Network charity.
As the Executive Vice President in charge of RE/MAX Relocation since 1993 he identified critical headcount and fixed cost reductions reducing the break-even point, returning the company to profitable operations. Other contributions included development of Strategic Plans, Budgets, profit forecasts and per-unit pricing models for the Relocation Company.  His efforts improved profitability, marketing results, employee productivity and the company’s market value.  In 1995, he assisted in the creation of the RE/MAX Affinity Marketing Division
including opening a separate Call Center.
As the company representative to the Employee Relocation Council (ERC) he improved industry visibility by serving on several committees, the Industry Advisory Council (IAC) and the Electronic Commerce Advisory Board (ECAB). In January 2000 he earned the Senior Certified Relocation Professional (SCRP) designation and in May 2000 he will receive the ERC’s Distinguished Service Award for his numerous contributions."   January 5, 2000  

Daryl L. Jesperson
, President,
RE/MAX International, Inc.

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