Every Business Should Do This But Most Don't!

Do you understand the importance of using the Right Keywords
on Your Website?

You have to Identify the Keywords your Prospects are using to find Your Website!

Discover Your Existing D.E.M.A.N.D.* for the
Goods and Services You Sell…

*Discover Existing Markets And Niches to Develop (D.E.M.A.N.D.)

Getting in Front of the
Existing D.E.M.A.N.D.
is the Key
to Online
Marketing Success!

Everyday your Prospects
are searching on
Google, Yahoo and Bing
for what you sell.
But are your Ideal Prospects finding Your Website?

99% of Business Owners
thought they were using
the RIGHT Keywords to
Attract their Ideal Prospects…

Some even Ranked #1..
BUT, we discovered that
were searching on

Why is that Important?
Using the Right Keywords
Connects You to


Being #1 for a
Keyword with 0 searches
Produces ZERO Sales!

Increase Your Sales Now!

#1 on Google

Ranking #1 on Google for the
Right Keywords could
Increase Your Market Share,
Leads and Sales by 3X or MORE!

Because #1 gets 14 times
More Website Visitors than #10

Market Share Chart
So, if You are NOT
on Google's Page 1 then

ALL You Get are the Leftovers!
You Deserve More Than Leftovers! 

D.E.M.A.N.D. is a Simple Process
that Produces Powerful Results
Take the First Steps Today:

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Dave Westfall, MBA
The Small Business Accelerator

Web Business Consultant

Remember: The “dewpointe” is where all of the critical elements come together and results happen!


Want Some Proof?

Here are a few examples of what a D.E.M.A.N.D. session has done for others:

Tourism Company- identified keyword to reduce travel agent commissions by $100,000 per year.

Automotive Repair- identified keyword that kept them #1 on a Google search for 58 months and increased website visits by 8X.

Training Company- identified keyword that increased monthly visitor traffic from 10,000 to over 100,000 and doubled sales.

Executive Coach- identified keyword that moved them from 200+ to Page 1 of a Google search in just 6 weeks.

Wedding Business- identified keyword for a new website taking them from ZERO to #1 on Page 1 of a post-Google Panda search.

Media Company- identified keyword that moved their Visitors Guide from ZERO to #1 on a Google search by their Ideal Target Customers.

We consistently get Google Page 1 search results for our Clients after a D.E.M.A.N.D. session!

Isn't Your Business Worth Investing in?

Discover the Existing D.E.M.A.N.D. for Your Goods and Services

Increase Your Leads, Sales and Profits

Price: $250.00

Discover the Existing D.E.M.A.N.D. for Your Goods and Services

The Key to Internet Marketing Success: Getting in front of the D.E.M.A.N.D. that already exists!

In this FREE high impact 30 minute D.E.M.A.N.D. discovery session you will Discover the Existing Markets And Niches to Develop (D.E.M.A.N.D.) for your goods and services.  It’s an informative and eye opening session that will deliver useful real world insights and best practices learned from my Web Business Consulting practice that you can start using right away to grow your business.

But, hurry, this is a limited time offer and there is only 1 D.E.M.A.N.D session available each day..and they are going fast!

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