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Web Business Consultant delivers Proven Solutions!

Do You Want More Internet Sales?

Sales FunnelThousands of people search the Internet every day for exactly what you sell.  Are you getting in front of the existing demand?  We've found that 99% of Business Owners aren't!  Let us help you get in front of the existing demand to increase your Leads and Sales!

Dave Westfall, your Web Business Consultant, and SEO Coach will use his proven solutions and W + P + M = I formula* to connect you with the existing D.E.M.A.N.D.!

Take the first step, schedule your Free D.E.M.A.N.D. session today.


"Dave has assisted me
with marketing ideas,
networking strategies, and cutting-edge
marketing technology. If I was building a team of leaders to start a new venture, Dave would have to be my first choice. He should be yours too!"
Tom Cryer,
The Kentwood Company 


"Dave Westfall has helped us significantly improve our visitor traffic, the look and feel of our website and our new customer strategies and results. His help has been invaluable."
Gary Hansen, Owner,
Parker Automotive, Inc

"Dave’s natural ability to teach and to share his knowledge makes him one of my best mentors. I have yet to find anyone that measures up to his intellect, energy and enthusiasm."
Joy Jamerson,
American Home
Video Corporation

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